Download Alerty to your smartphone

Alerty is available on both Android and iPhone, in English and Swedish.

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This is how you sign in

This is the first view you will see when you sign in to Alerty. Press the Sign in button to sign in as a business user.

Enter your User ID and select your own authorization code. The authorization code is used, among other things, to cancel alerts.

In order to work properly, Alerty requires access things like your address book and your location. Press the button to review all permissions. You must accept all of them in order to ensure that Alerty will function properly.

You are now ready start using Alerty! A short tutorial will now guide you through the most common functions in the app.

How to add a contact

To add a contact, tap the Contact button in the menu.

Select a free slot. Your phone book will now be opened. Then select the contact and his or hers cell phone number. Note that all numbers must be saved with international formatting. E.g. +46 70 1234567

This is how you activate an alarm

To start a regular alarm go to the main view, then press and hold the green background for 3 seconds. You can also start an alarm by shaking the phone when Man down is activated, through a Pebble smart watch or through an alarm button.

Your alarm is now active. Your contacts and the web portal is alerted and your camera is activated. The view will show what your camera record and the video your alarm receivers record.

To cancel an alert press and drag the Cancel button to the right. You will then be asked to add the authorization code you specified during your first login.