Where can i find my previous alarms?2017-05-23T14:13:00+00:00

You can find all your previous alarms in Settings > History. Each unique alarm display the date, time and from where the alarm started. A map display the route the alarm carrier traveled during the alarm. If tracking were enabled a tracking line will show the position of the carrier 1 hour before the alarm. You can also watch the movie that were recorded during the alarm.

What is Follow me?2017-05-23T11:10:52+00:00

Follow me let you share your position with someone else in your phone book. When you activate Follow me you are first asked to select a receiver. The receiver will receive an SMS containing a URL to a map where you position will be shown until you cancel Follow me.

How do I connect an external alarm central?2017-05-23T08:54:00+00:00

In addition to being able to send alarms to other app users and to the alarm portal you can connect external alarm centrals.

When an alarm is activated in Alerty our system will deliver it to whatever system the alarm central uses. They will act accordingly to a plan you as a customer have defined. External alarm centrals often listen to the alarm and take action based on what they will hear.

For more information please contact us at info@getalerty.com.

How do I add Alerty to my Pebble2016-12-14T13:34:32+00:00

Open your Pebble Time app on your phone. Press the Apps tab and press the orange button at the lower right corner. Press the search button and type Alerty Personal Alarm. Select the app and press the Add button. Alerty will now be installed on your phone.

How do I remove my Flic?2016-11-17T14:57:21+00:00

Open Alerty and go to Settings > Accessories.

Depending on what phone you use you either long press or swipe left on the Flic you want to delete. Confirm the deletion when you are asked to do so.

How do I add my Flic?2016-12-14T13:34:32+00:00

To use a Flic with Alerty you also need the official Flic app from Google Play.

When the Flic app is installed and opened press the pink button in the lower right corner to add your Flic. Name your Flic and open Alerty again.
Go to Settings > Accessories. Press “Add Flic”. The Flic app will now open and a list with your Flic buttons will be displayed. Select the Flic you want to use in Alerty.

To use a Flic with Alerty you also need the official Flic app from Appstore.

When the Flic app is installed and opened press the pink button in the lower right corner to add your Flic. Name your Flic and open Alerty again.
Go to Settings > Accessories. Press “Add Flic”. The Flic app will now open and a list with your Flic buttons will be displayed. Select the Flic you want to use in Alerty.

Note that Flic require iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 to function.

Flics that recently has been connected to another phone or application will be found but identified as busy by Alerty. To add a Flic like that you first need to press and hold the Flic button for at least 7 seconds to make it available again.

How do I add a alarm receiver?2017-04-24T14:02:35+00:00

The contacts in your list are those that will be alerted to any alarms you may activate.

In order to add a contact you first go to Contacts in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Select a “Free position”, and you’ll be able to choose a person from your phone book. Note that the contact’s number must be formatted by the international standard +46 70-000 00 00 instead of 070-000 00 00.

The person you have chosen will consequently receive an SMS in which he or she will choose to accept your request as alarm recipient. If your contact accepts your request this will be displayed by a green symbol beside the contact’s name.

Alerty’s built-in screen lock2017-04-24T14:05:11+00:00

When you activate the screen lock your screen becomes fully black. In this position the entire screen functions as one large alarm button which you can use to activate an alarm. To activate the lock screen press Function in the menu and select Screen lock.. To de activate the lock screen swipe to the right at the bottom on the screen when the lock screen is active.

How do I activate an alarm using a Flic?2016-12-14T13:34:32+00:00

Press and hold the button on your Flic for 3 seconds.

How does the Timer alarm work?2017-04-24T14:12:31+00:00

With the Timer alarm you can set a timer to automatically activate an alarm after the set time has passed. The timer alarm is intended for use when there is an elevated risk.

To set the Timer alarm tap the watch icon to the right in the lower menu on the display. First you set the duration of the timer. In the following field you can describe what you intend to do and where you will be located during the time, for example ”go down and clean in the basement”.

30 sec before the timer ends a sound notification will be played and a notification will be displayed. You can then cancel the countdown at any time. If you don’t cancel the countdown, an alarm will automatically be activated.

If you are out of coverage or if your phone is turned off when the set time has passed, Alertys servers will activate the alarm and send the alarm to your recipients.

To cancel an ongoing countdown tap the red cancel button.

How do I start an alarm using my Pebble?2016-12-14T13:34:33+00:00

Activate the alarm by pressing the “middle button” three times on your Smartwatch.

Read more about Pebble at: www.getpebble.com

How does the motion activation work?2017-04-24T14:12:52+00:00

Using ‘Motion activation’ an alarm can be activated when your phone is shaken, is subjected to an impact or a fall.

‘Man down’ functions in the same way as motion detection with the addition of a 30 second long countdown starting before the alarm is activated. If the countdown is aborted the alarm activation is cancelled. Adapt motion sensitivity to yourself and your needs through Settings > More > Motion sensitivity.

Important! To avoid false alarms, it is recommended to turn off the motion activation if you plan to expose the phone to excessive movement or shock / stroke.

Cancelling alarm2017-04-24T14:13:29+00:00

Slide the button at the lower part of the screen to the side and enter your personal authorization code to cancel an alarm.

How do you activate an alarm?2017-04-24T14:13:56+00:00

Alarms can be activated using several easy methods:

– A 3-second press on the green are on the front view in the app.

– By a shaking motion or impact.

– Through the built-in screen lock the screen turns black, with the entire screen functioning as a discrete alarm button.

– Through the smart watch Pebble or the button Flic.

Is Alerty free or payware?2016-11-17T13:17:29+00:00

Alerty comes with a 7 day trial period where all functionality is included. When the trial period has ended Alerty will switch to Alerty Free. You can still send alarms but some other functions is reduced or removed. If you want to upgrade to Alerty Premium you do this by going to the In App Purchase menu in Settings.

How does Alerty work?2017-04-24T14:02:01+00:00

When you send an alarm a message is sent to one or more contacts that you have chosen previously. If the receiver is an Alerty user the alert will be shown in the app. If the receiver don’t use Alerty an SMS with a URL(link) to a website with the alert information will be sent.

The alert contains a self updating map with your current location. The alert do also include information about the address where the alert were started, information about the person who started the alert.

The camera records for as long as the alarm is active. If the alert is received in Alerty a real time video stream will be established between the alert carrier and the receiver.

Your phone vibrates when the alarm recipient has read the message and accepted to come to your location. Note that Alerty is a silent alarm – no audible signal is given out when the alarm is activated.