Safety at work increases quality of life

Do you want to offer safety at your workplace, improve health and give your staff increased quality of life?

It is for you we have developed Alerty!

Alerty for those who work alone 

Today, almost everybody has a smartphone; its applications have become a big part of our lives. Being able to use a smartphones features as a personal alarm or security alarm is an important advance in today’s society. Being able to alert in case of an emergency can be life changing. It also increases the sense of security for your loved ones.

Why carry an extra alarm unit which is expensive and easy to forget? Download Alerty and you’re ready to alert if something were to happen to you!

mobile showing how to activate alarm
trygghet på jobbet

A market leading complement

The market for smart phone based personal alarms has undergone a long test period during the last years. The conditions and maturity have not really existed until now. Meny services did initially seem to fulfil the need but upon closer examinations many of them have proved unable to meet the requirements.

The goal of Alerty has been to capture the benefits and strengths of traditional personal alarms, but also to solve the weaknesses, to become number one in the market for smartphone based personal alarms.

Alerty does not replace a traditional personal alarm but it’s an ideal compliment for anyone who wants to make it easy to carry a personal alarm without any compromises.

Traditional personal alarms is easy to forget, they need to be charged, they require a sim card and involve a significant investment. Today, virtually everyone carries a smartphone, a platform that provides great conditions for making personal alarms readily available and useful in several situations.

Functions that improve your safety

We have taken advantage of the intelligence a modern smartphone comes with. Internet, GPS, camera and many other sensors improves and simplifies the communication between the alarm carrier and the alarm receiver in dangerous situations.

About us

We are a team with a common passion for product development. That together breaking new boundaries to what is possible with todays technology, without making it difficult and complicated, is what has challenged and pushed us forward since we started with the first concept of our personal alarm in 2010.

The recipe is simple, start with the need. Knowledge and experience from the personal safety and security business but also from authorities shall be the ground for claiming and functionality.

“Everything is about increasing the staff’s safety and health.”

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Emanuel Vedefors
Emanuel VedeforsCEO
Bo Steiner
Bo SteinerChairman of the Board

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